Faculty & Staff

Building Information

Building Telephone # Fax #
Superintendent's Office 419-532-3534 419-532-2277
High School (Grades 5-12) 419-532-3529 (Attendance 419-532-3543) 419-532-3581
Elementary School (Grades K-4) 419-532-3845 419-532-3541


District Administration

Name Position E-Mail Address
Karl Lammers Superintendent supt@kalidaschools.org
Michelle Buss Treasurer treas@kalidaschools.org
Cheryl Simon Assistant Treasurer / EMIS cheryl.simon@kalidaschools.org
Dean Brinkman High School Principal dean.brinkman@kalidaschools.org
Kayla Stechschulte Elementary Principal kayla.stechschulte@kalidaschools.org
Adam Huber Athletic Director / JH/HS Mathematics adam.huber@kalidaschools.org
Jeremy Okuley Director of Technology tech@kalidaschools.org


High School Faculty & Staff

Name Grade/Subject Area/Position E-Mail Address
Carol Bockrath Athletic Dept. Secretary / Study Hall carol.bockrath@kalidaschools.org
Tristine Bockrath HS Science tristine.bockrath@kalidaschools.org
Brenda Burgei HS Mathematics brenda.burgei@kalidaschools.org
Jeff Clement Guidance Counselor jeff.clement@kalidaschools.org
Lachlan Clymer JH Reading / Language Arts lachlan.clymer@kalidaschools.org
Kelly Dube Intervention Specialist kelly.dube@kalidaschools.org
Mitch Gable Vocational Agriculture mitch.gable@kalidaschools.org
Neil Gerding HS Social Studies neil.gerding@kalidaschools.org
Beth Grime JH/HS Science beth.grime@kalidaschools.org
Nancy Grote Secretary nancy.grote@kalidaschools.org
Molly Haberman Grade 5/6 Science molly.haberman@kalidaschools.org
Adam Huber JH/HS Mathematics / Athletic Director adam.huber@kalidaschools.org
Stacy Knueve Business & Computers / Media & Software Integration Specialist / Assistant Technology stacy.knueve@kalidaschools.org
Dale Liebrecht JH/HS Technology / Engineering dale.liebrecht@kalidaschools.org
Jacob Litwiller JH/HS Instrumental Music jacob.litwiller@kalidaschools.org
Emily Maag HS English emily.maag@kalidaschools.org
Scott Miller JH/HS Social Studies scott.miller@kalidaschools.org
Steve Myers JH/HS Art steve.myers@kalidaschools.org
Kristen Sebenoler Spanish kristen.rohdes@kalidaschools.org
Robb Schultz JH Science / Social Studies robb.schultz@kalidaschools.org
Roxie Schumacher HS Mathematics roxie.schumacher@kalidaschools.org
Gracyn Schwieterman HS/Elem Vocal Music gracyn.schwieterman@kalidaschools.org
Morgan Sealts Grades 5 & 6 Support morgan.sealts@kalidaschools.org
Mary Siefker Attendance Secretary / American Sign Language / Transportation Coordinator mary.siefker@kalidaschools.org
Mary Smith Grade 6 mary.smith@kalidaschools.org
Wendy Stechschulte Grade 5 wendy.stechschulte@kalidaschools.org
Melanie Thorbahn HS Intervention Specialist/JH Phys Ed melanie.thorbahn@kalidaschools.org
Blyth Turnwald Grade 6 blyth.turnwald@kalidaschools.org
Kaylan Unverferth HS English kaylan.unverferth@kalidaschools.org
Darla Warnecke HS Science/Biomedical darla.warnecke@kalidaschools.org


Elementary Faculty & Staff

Name Grade/Subject Area/Position E-Mail Address
Jeff Clement Guidance Counselor jeff.clement@kalidaschools.org
Deb Eickholt Grade 1 deb.eickholt@kalidaschools.org
Gina Erhart Grade 4 gina.erhart@kalidaschools.org
Lori Fischer Developmentally Handicapped lori.fischer@kalidaschools.org
Marsha Hohenbrink Grade 3 marsha.hohenbrink@kalidaschools.org
Darlene Imm Grade 2 darlene.imm@kalidaschools.org
Deb Kahle Kindergarten deb.kahle@kalidaschools.org
Stacy Knueve Media & Software Integration Specialist stacy.knueve@kalidaschools.org
Cheryl Koch Grade 1 cheryl.koch@kalidaschools.org
Lauren Langhals Grade 4 lauren.langhals@kalidaschools.org
Jill Laudick Grade 2 jill.laudick@kalidaschools.org
Jill Leis Kindergarten jill.leis@kalidaschools.org
Jacob Litwiller Band jacob.litwiller@kalidaschools.org
Michele Niese Grade 4 michele.niese@kalidaschools.org
Chelsea Recker Grade 3 chelsea.recker@kalidaschools.org
Jessica Recker Grade 3 jess.recker@kalidaschools.org
Linda Schmenk Elementary Aide linda.schmenk@kalidaschools.org
Gracyn Schwieterman HS/Elem Vocal Music gracyn.schwieterman@kalidaschools.org
Kelly Siefker Grade 1 kelly.siefker@kalidaschools.org
Kristen Stechschulte Physical Education kristen.stechschulte@kalidaschools.org
Adriene Swyers Media Specialist adriene.swyers@kalidaschools.org
Marcia Vennekotter Secretary marcia.vennekotter@kalidaschools.org
Natasha Verhoff Kindergarten natasha.verhoff@kalidaschools.org
Megan Westenbarger Speech megan.westenbarger@putnamcountyesc.org



Dan Bellmann Head of Maintenance dan.bellmann@kalidaschools.org
Gary Vorst Elementary Custodian gar@kalidaschools.org
Cody Wagner High School Custodian cody.wagner@kalidaschools.org



Sarah Neidert District Cafeteria Manager sarah.neidert@kalidaschools.org
Jenny Goubeaux Elementary Lead Cook jenny.goubeaux@kalidaschools.org
Amanda Anspach High School Cook/Cashier  
Carolyn Miller High School Cook  
Sarah Bendele Elementary Cook  
Sue Wehri Elementary Cook  
Meredith Creager High School Cook  



Bev Berheide Melissa Wurst
Linda Schmenk Carl Luersman
Andy Wehri  


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